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  • When professional traders desire to push consumers towards some action they refer to agencies, which deal in the advertising business by utilizing custom sales leads. Advertising is a type of communication for public promotion and it is used to inspire, urge, affect or stimul consumers, viewers, auditors, spectators or certain groups and lead them towards some end destination. Most of the time when we refer to advertising we think of a commercial offering, but today more than ever ideological or political advertising is quite common on the advertising mediums.

    Types of Advertising

    The advertising messages virtually have a purpose to turn the mind towards something or to encourage stockholders and employees that a company is sustainable and profitable. Advertising messages are funded by sponsors, created by advertisers and spread through mass media, including television, printed magazines, radios, open-air advertising. As an addition to custom sales leads types of advertising channels today advertisers benefit very much from social networks, blogs, sms, websites, forums, emails etc.

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