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  • All of our lead services are distinct. We qualify each prospect to guarantee they are interested and eligible for either a Final Expense, Medicare, Home Health Care or a Reverse Mortgage plan. By our knowledge and skill in almost each of these sectors each and every potential prospect will likely be accepted based on their specific need in the marketplace.

    What geographic locations do you accept?
    Sales Associate accepts city, county or zip code preferences.

    Do I need to sign a contract?
    There is absolutely no long or short term contract. We give each new customer a terms and condition agreement that basically outlines everything Sales Associate is committed to providing as well as the agent accepting our services.

    Is there a minimum commitment?
    Our minimum purchase amount is 20 appointments or phone leads.

    How can I schedule my days to receive appointments? accepts customized schedules where you can request specific days and times for you to receive your leads.

    How far ahead are the appointments and phone leads scheduled?
    We schedule each appointment and phone lead within 24-48 hours. Tuesday through Saturday is always scheduled the day prior and Monday's appointments are scheduled over the weekend.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all forms of payment.

    Can I get a refund?
    Sales Associate does not offer refunds, however, we have a fair replacement po9licy in effect.

    What is your Replacement Policy?
    Sales Associate will replace any lead in which they are not eligible or if they did not agree to meet or speak to our customer. To avoid this from taking place we reconfirm all leads prior to sending to our customer to ensure they are fully expecting the visit or phone call and they are all eligible.

    How do I receive my leads?
    After the leads are approved by our Quality Control team you will receive the leads via email in a PDF format.

    Is there a health screening option?
    For Medicare and Life insurance leads we offer health screening where we make sure the prospects never had a Heart Attack or Stroke, Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, ESRD, Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes.

    For Medicare are the leads screened for not having retirement benefits?
    All of our Medicare lead prospects are confirmed to not have any group, retirement and military insurance.

    How should I present myself to my future customer?
    Sales Associate suggests you to show up for your scheduled appointment on time and have on proper attire which will represent you in a professional manner. You should have your sales contract and promotional information in hand.

    Should I call ahead of my appointments to make sure they are there for our meeting?
    It is not recommended since there could be a chance of reducing your presentation ratio by 50%. Our scheduling team reconfirms the appointments within 24 hours therefore the chance of them not being present for your appointment is minimal.

    Is there a guarantee I will receive all of my requested appointments within the week?
    In this particular market, we cannot guarantee a particular amount of appointments to be delivered to our clients. In spite of this, it is really rare for almost any of our clients to be constantly shorted appointments. If you happen to be shorted we will add them to the end of your order. Typical schedule delivery is 2-3 appointment per day per customer.

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