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Quality Medicare Advantage Leads

  • Would you like to have exclusive or recycled internet leads? Would you want your lead provider to furnish you with prospects only to resell them to other agents? What sets us apart from other lead companies is we do provider Qualified Exclusive Medicare Advantage leads in the form of appointments. Recycled leads can affect your business. Sales Associate® will protect your sales by being your Number One exclusive lead generator.

    We market to seniors who are on a tight budget and are in good health. The majority of our prospects need an affordable plan, such as a Medicare Advantage plan. Catering to these seniors is different than it once was. They are more technical inclined than the preceding generation. How does this affect your business? Based off of statistics seniors (Baby Boomers) or more likely to search the internet for a Medicare insurance plan, which is how you can benefit from our lead generation services.

    All of our leads are compliant with FTC regulations and are 100% DNC complaint. Our Medicare Advantage leads are updated biweekly and turned into qualified solid appointments within 24 hours. Our appointments and phone leads are never scheduled 3-4 days ahead for we understand how easily an appointment can be forgotten.

    We offer all of our lead services at a competitive rate with no hourly rates nor long term contracts.

    If you are wanting to reach prospects who are interested in obtaining a Medicare Advantage Plan and are fully qualified then call 1-888-429-9299 and speak to one of our Customer Service representatives to learn more information about our Medicare Advantage lead generation program.

    Our Custom Sales Leads are EXCLUSIVE!
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Medicare Advantage Leads