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Medicare Dual Eligible Marketing

  • Generating paramount Dual Eligible leads is what we do best. When it comes to Medicare Dual Eligible leads, we create qualified and highly rated prospects. With a combination of market research along with updating our leads every 90 days our agents receives Medicare/Medicaid prospects interested in a Medicare insurance plan.

    We commit to providing not only exclusive qualified prospects in the form of preset appointments but we also provide phone leads which are considered to be phone conference calls. We can schedule a time for an agent to call them or we can schedule an agent to meet with them face to face in their home.

    Exclusive leads are best for your business. If you are like other insurance professionals you do not want to spend your time and money working with potential customers and not get a renewal or return of investment. It is not projected to be beneficial for your business not to capture a vested interest in your lead source. Sales Associates provide 100% Exclusive lead that is not resold to another agent. This is how we obtain our repeating business.

    Contact us today by completing the web form or call us and speak to a professional representative that can answer your questions regarding our lead generation. You can call 1-888-429-9299. Due to the high volume of calls received daily, it may take 1 or more hours for an account manager to contact you.

    Our Dual Eligible Leads are 100% exclusive!
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