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Custom Medicare Leads

  • Effective lead generation is a science. Sales Associate has over a decade of experience in producing productive leads. Our team will put you in front of qualified seniors who have a need for a Medicare insurance plan. Our experience in Medicare lead generation will provide you with success in selling your Medicare insurance plans to seniors who are in need of a plan and are qualified.

    Without qualified prospects, you cannot sell. Quality leads play a major role in the amount of money an insurance agent can make. Finding leads suitable for your business is not profitable if you don't find the right lead generating company. We have many methods to generate Medicare leads and these methods can vary from direct mail and telemarketing. Simple lead generation methods (like internet leads) are ineffective due to many agents will have access to them. Sales Associate provides exclusive qualified leads. Our leads are never resold to another agent.

    For Medicare Advantage leads we insure they are fully eligible and qualified.

    Our criteria for a Medicare Advantage Leads:
    A. Seniors are at the age of 65+.
    B. Verified to have Part A and Part B.
    C. You can choose the income bracket of the prospect.
    D. Verified to not have a Group or Retirement Benefits.
    E. Verified to not have Military Insurance.

    Sales Associates caters to FMO's and independent agents nationwide providing eligible prospects to increase their revenue. Why do we have long term clients? We provide high quality customer service in which each account will have an assigned account manager who will go above and beyond to take care of each individual customer and their needs.
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